Sipex Announces SP6639/40/53 Family of Buck Regulators

Sipex Corp. (Billerica, MA) announced the availability of its new SP6639/40/53 family of low-voltage dc/dc buck regulators. These devices have 1 ohm on-chip power MOSFETs and can deliver up to 100mA at either fixed (SP6639, 5.0V; SP6640, 3.3V; SP6653, 3.0V) or user-adjustable output voltages. Sipex claims that its new buck regulators can sustain up to 94 percent efficiency over an output current range of 10mA to 100mA, while operating with quiescent current of 10uA.

Output ripple in the new devices is kept below one percent due to on-chip inductor damping. The integrated circuits feature a low-battery indicator and shutdown control. They are packaged in eight-lead narrow SOICs and PDIPs. The operating range spans from 0 degrees to 70 degrees C.

"These three new products provide very efficient solutions for power supply requirements in many hand-held, portable devices," commented Todd Sherman, manager of Sipex's power management product line. "The unique combination of low-output ripple and reduced EMI offers our customers a quiet and efficient solution for generating bus voltages from batteries in portable devices."

The SP6639/40/53 are currently available for $1.08 each in 10,000-piece quantities.

Sipex Corp.
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