Single-Chip Triple Half-Bridge Gate Drivers Sink 350mA and Source 200mA

The STDRIVE601 from STMicroelectronics is a high voltage device produced with the company’s BCD6s offline technology. It is a single-chip with three half-bridge gate drivers.

Typical applications for the gate drivers include N-channel power MOSFETs or IGBTs employed in 3-phase power systems.

All of the device outputs can sink and source at 350mA and 200mA, respectively. The device has a gate driving voltage range of 9V to 20V.

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Interlocking and deadtime functions ensure the prevention of cross conduction. It features dedicated input pins for each output and has a shutdown pin. The logic inputs are CMOS/TTL compatible down to 3.3V for easy interfacing with control devices. Matched delays between low-side and high-side sections ensure no cycle distortion and allow high-frequency operation.

Block diagram (Click on image to enlarge)

The STDRIVE601 integrates a comparator featuring advanced SmartSD function, ensuring fast and effective protection against fault events such as over-current, over-temperature, etc… Dedicated UVLO protection on the low-sides and each of the high-side driving sections allow the prevention of the power switches from operating in low efficiency or under dangerous conditions.

According to ST, the integrated bootstrap diodes and all of the integrated features of this IC make the application PCB design easier, more compact, and more straightforward, thus reducing the overall bill of material.

The device is available in SO-28 package.

Key Features
  • High voltage rail up to 600V
  • Driver current capability:
    • STDRIVE601:
      • 200mA source current @ 25°C
      • 350mA sink current @ 25°C
  • dV/dt transient immunity ±50V/ns
  • Gate driving voltage range from 9V to 20V
  • Overall input-output propagation delay: 85ns
  • Matched propagation delay for all channels
  • 3.3V, 5V TTL/CMOS inputs with hysteresis
  • Integrated bootstrap diodes
  • Comparator for fast overcurrent protection
  • Smart shutdown function
  • Interlocking and deadtime function
  • Dedicated Enable pin
  • UVLO function on low-side and high-sides
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