Single-Cell Charger IC with Power-Path Management and 3.6A Boost Output

Monolithic Power Systems introduced MP2696A, a highly integrated, flexible, switch-mode battery charging, power-path management device. The company designed the switch-mode battery charging device for a single-cell Li-ion and Li-Polymer battery used in a broad range of portable applications.

MP2696A integrates three battery-charging phases; pre-charge, constant-current, and constant-voltage charge. The device uses input current limit regulation and minimum input voltage regulation to manage the input power source.

Switching to boost mode can generate the system power output from the battery. It passes the input voltage to the system with an integrated IN to SYS pass-through path.

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Using an I2C interface, the host can flexibly program the boost and charge and parameters. The device’s operating status can also be read in the registers.

Safety features include input over-voltage protection, SYS short-circuit protection, battery under-voltage protection, thermal shutdown, and JEITA battery temperature monitoring.

The charger features a 4.0V to 11V operating voltage range. It has a 16V sustainable input voltage and a 500mA to 3.6A programmable charge current. The device has a 3.6V to 4.45V programmable charge regulation voltage with +/-0.5% accuracy, and a 100mA to 3A programmable input current limit with +/-10% accuracy.

The MP2696A is available in a QFN-21 (3mm x 3mm) package.

Product Features
  • 4.0V to 11V Operation Voltage Range
  • Up to 16V Sustainable Input Voltage
  • 500mA to 3.6A Programmable Charge Current
  • 3.6V to 4.45V Programmable Charge Regulation Voltage with +/-0.5% Accuracy
  • 100mA to 3A Programmable Input Current Limit with +/-10% Accuracy
  • Minimum Input Voltage Loop for Maximum Adapter Power Tracking
  • Ultra-Low 25µA Battery Discharge Current in Idle Mode
  • Boost Converter w/ Up to 3.6A Output Current
  • Programmable Output Current Limit Loop
  • Programmable Boost Output Voltage
  • USB Output Cable Compensation
  • Programmable Inductor Peak Current Limiting
    • Comprehensive Safety Features
    • Fully-Customizable JEITA Profile with Programmable Temperature Threshold
    • Charge Safety Timer
    • Input Over-Voltage Protection
    • Thermal Shutdown
    • SYS Over-Current and Short Protection
      • Analog Voltage Output IB Pin for Battery Current Monitor
  • SYS Plug in Detection
  • SYS No Load Detection
  • SYS DP/DM Interface for BC1.2 and Non-standard Adaptors
  • Status and Fault Monitoring
  • Small QFN-21 (3mmx3mm) Package