Siliconix Intros Si4880DY, Si4800DY and Si4890DY Power MOSFETs

Vishay Siliconix (Santa Clara, CA) announced three new power MOSFETs with improved specs for notebook computer and CPU point-of-use dc-to-dc conversion applications. The devices include the Si4880DY, which offers on-resistance of 8.5 millohms at a 10V gate drive, with gate charge of 19.5nC and turn-off times of 46ns. Intended for designs requiring the fastest possible switching, the Si4800DY offers a turn-off time of 22ns, which is claimed to be a record for this type of device, as well as on-resistance of 18.5 milliohms and gate charge of 8.7nC. The Si4890DY offers on-resistance of 12 milliohms, gate charge of 14nC and turn-off time of 35ns. The new MOSFETs are packaged in the LITTLE FOOT SO-8. Samples and production quantities are available now, with lead times of 8 to 10 weeks for larger orders. Pricing starts at $0.71 in 100,000-piece quantities.

Vishay Siliconix
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