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Siemens Power Supply meets IP67 for use in a Harsh Environment

With Sitop PSU100P, Siemens AG has introduced an especially rugged single-phase power supply for wall mounting with the high degree of protection IP67. Sitop PSU100P supplies a constant 24V otuput with 5A and 8W with up to 93 percent efficiency. The power supply is designed for use in the wide input voltage ranges 85 to 132 and 170 to 264 volts. It switches between voltage ranges automatically. Sitop PSU100P has a compact aluminum housing with 7/8-inch standard connectors and is water-tight.

The power supply can be used in a temperature range of 25 to +60 degrees Celsius and provides a continuous rated power over the entire temperature range without derating. Sitop PSU100P is especially designed for use in a harsh environment outside the cabinet, for example, on the field level of machines and plants with a distributed structure. The operating display is signaled via LEDs on the device and is quickly and simply integrated into the plant via isolated signaling contacts.

Siemens AG
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