SFF-TA-1002 Compliant Card Edge Connectors

TE Connectivity (TE) reported that its new Sliver card edge connectors were adopted as the standard connector design into the SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association) Small Form Factor Technology Work Group’s SFF-TA-1002 specification.

The company says that its card edge connectors and are the highest-performing card edge connectors in the standard.

TE’s SFF-TA-1002 compliant connectors are protocol-agnostic, multi-lane connectors that support the high speeds and density of next-generation silicon. The new Sliver card edge portfolio connectors enable high power to hardware accelerators and riser cards. They minimize the need for cables to power riser cards, thereby increasing airflow through the enclosure.

TE says that its new Sliver card edge connectors are the highest-performing card edge connectors in the industry.

The SFF-TA-1002 pinout supports EDSFF, PCIe, OCP NIC, and other standards. TE’s SFF-TA-1002 compliant connector brings together fragmented technology pinouts and speeds, enabling ease of design-in as well as multi-sourcing.

Sliver connectors for SFF-TA-1002 support high speeds through PCIe Gen 5, with a roadmap to 112G. The connectors’ dense, 0.6mm pitch also supports next-generation silicon PCIe lane counts. Whereas current products in the market begin to hit their limits at these lane counts.

  • Adopted as the standard into SFF-TA-1002
  • SFF-TA-1002 supports EDSFF, PCIe, OCP NIC and other standards
  • Enable easy design-in and multi-sourcing by consolidating fragmented

    pinouts and speeds

  • Supports high speeds through PCIe Gen 5, with a roadmap to 112G
  • Supports next generation silicon PCIe lane counts where current products begin to max out

“TE’s Sliver card edge connectors for SFF-TA-1002 deliver the highest performance in the industry by enabling 28G NRZ / 56G PAM-4 with a roadmap to 56G NRZ / 112G PAM-4,” said Lucas Benson, product manager at TE Connectivity. “We are proud that our new card edge connectors have been selected as the basis for the standard for SFF-TA-1002.”

TE Connectivity
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