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Semtech Launches SC1480 Power Supply Controller

Semtech Corp. (Camarillo, CA) announced its new SC1480 DDR memory power supply controller, targeted at mobile computers and data communications systems that employ DDR-memory. The SC1480 features a typical power conversion efficiency of 94 percent, standby/shutdown modes, a wide input supply range, two output voltages, source/sink capability, small footprint packaging, and low quiescent currents.

The SC1480's input supply range is 2V to 25V allowing it to interface directly with standard battery configurations and ac adapters. The SC1480's two output voltages – 1.25V for active termination and 1.25V at 3mA for a buffered reference – provide integration helping designers reduce board space and cost.

The SC1480 also offers power-reduced standby and shutdown modes. Typical quiescent current in normal mode is only 700µA. In standby mode, the typical quiescent current is reduced to 125µA by turning off the Vtt output, but leaving the Vref output on, significantly reducing battery draw in systems that implement a suspend-to-RAM sleep state. In shutdown mode, the SC1480 typically draws only 10µA.

A small footprint TSSOP-14 package minimizes board-space requirements for the SC1480, while integrated under-voltage, over-voltage and over-current protection mechanisms enhance system reliability.

Sample quantities of the SC1480 are now available. Lead time is 12 weeks and the controllers are priced at $3.30 each in quantities of 1,000 or more.

Semtech Corp.
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