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Sealed LED Driver Simplifies IP67 Waterproof Installations

Uhigh Lighting has developed and marketed an innovative LED driver with IP67 waterproof connectors, E-LEMON, which allows leak-proof installations in your garden or bathrooms. This unique system is available worldwide.

With the E-LEMON drivers, users can make waterproof installations quickly and completely secure than conventional drivers.

The reason for this is that this independent LED driver has multiple applications in outdoor/indoor installations thanks to his highly quality electronic components, main housing filled with resin for warranty IP67 waterproof, double rubber on cable glands, standard terminal blocks and a shock-resistant body made by nylon.

Additionally, all LED drivers include two clips for fix on surface. The new design results in smaller lighting fittings, since heat sinking is needed only for the LED.

Uhigh Lighting claims to be the first company in the electronics market to launch this integrated technology, the specifications for which are:

  • LED driver with shock-resistant housing and IP67
  • Suitable for install in humid environments, specially ready to be buried, also in flood areas
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Class II protection against electric shock
  • Compact size
  • Input and output standard terminal blocks (until 2.5mm) on opposite sides
  • Input and output cable glands for wires from diameter Ø5 to 10 millimeters
  • Electronic components totally sealed on the main housing
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