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Schaffner Offers New NSG1007-45 Power Source

Schaffner Ltd. (Edison, NJ), a supplier of EMC components and test equipment, announced its NSG1007-45 programmable power source for testing and evaluating high-power equipment and appliances. The new NSG1007-45 power source offers a flexible and scaleable solution to meet the growing requirement to fully test high-power products over a wide range of input line conditions to ensure reliable operation and compliance to required standards.

The NSG1007 is an easy to use integrated test system featuring built-in output transient generation, read-back capability, 45 kVA of single-phase or three-phase ac power, 135 kVA of scaleable systems testing, load regulation of more than 5%, line regulation of more than 1%, output noise less than 2%, a maximum weight of 600 kg, dimensions of 1,270 mm x 731 mm x 876 mm, and output ripple of less than 2 Vrms. For ac testing frequencies between 16 Hz to 819 Hz, the devices are available in either single-phase or three-phase modes at power levels of 45 kVA, 90 kVA and 135 kVA. In dc output mode, 10 kW is available for three-phase testing and 30 kW for single-phase testing.

Schaffner Ltd.
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