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Schaefer Intros D Series DC/DC Converters

Schaefer Inc. (Ashland, MA) has introduced the D Series of 400W to 6kW, 6U/9U high, 19 rack compatible dc/dc converters. The new D Series converters are designed to maintain a stable output voltage while being powered by a wide input voltage range, allowing for operation in different countries with different input voltages or when a source dips due to large changes in loading. Schaefer's D Series is available with dc input voltages from 10-400Vdc. Outputs available range from 20-400 Vdc. All of the D-Series units have remote sensing, over-voltage protection, and current-limit protection on the output. Operating temperatures include -20 to +75 degrees C and extended range -40 to +75 degrees C. The D Series comes packaged in 6U/9U chassis and incorporates industry standard H15 connectors as its wiring interface. Options available to allow highly reliable operation under virtually any environmental conditions include increased mechanical strength, tropical protection, inrush limiting, forced air cooling, decoupling diodes for parallel operation, inhibit. Power fail/dc-ok, system reset, active current sharing and wall mounting are also available. Starting prices at 100 pieces range from $510 to $1855 each.

Schaefer Inc.
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