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Schaefer Intros C5800 12kW Converter Series

Schaefer Inc. (Ashland, MA) introduced the C5800 Series of 12kW, 6U/9U high, 19" rack compatible dc/dc and ac/dc converters. Typical applications include on-board locomotive controls and communications equipment, telecommunications systems, process control systems, power stations, and other high-power requirement.The C5800 Series is available with dc input voltages from 40-900Vdc or ac input voltage ranges of 93-264Vac. Units with three-phase ac input voltages from 320-530Vac are also available. Available outputs range from 8-400Vdc, and are adjustable and fully regulated to 0.2 percent or better (load) and 0.1 percent (line). The converters can be purchased with a power factor corrected front end.All units feature remote sensing, overvoltage protection and current limit protection on the output. "Zero switching" enables efficiencies as high as 93 percent, depending on input and output levels. The converters are available with an operating temperature range of -20 to +75 degrees C or with and extended range of -40 to +75 degrees C. Packaged in a 6U/9U x 19" x 360/460mm chassis, the C5800 terminal style wiring interface. Options available to allow operation under virtually any environmental conditions include: increased mechanical strength, tropical protection, inrush limiting, forced air cooling, decoupling diodes for parallel operation, inhibit, power fail/dc-ok, system reset, active current sharing and wall mounting.

Schaefer Inc.
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