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Robot Controller Power Supply Has EN62477-1 OVC III Certification

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the ZWS240RC-24 ac-dc power supply, rated at 240W output power. Certification to Over Voltage Category (OVC) III enables direct connection to the incoming ac distribution panel, saving the cost and space of an isolation transformer.

Target applications include robot and other machine controllers needing a greater degree of protection from incoming input voltage line transients.

The ZWS240RC-24 accepts an 85- to 265-Vac input and can operate convection cooled in ambient temperatures of up to +70°C, derating linearly above 50°C by 3.5% per °C.

The 24V output voltage is adjustable from 21.6 to 26.4V to accommodate non-standard voltages.  Overall product dimensions are 84 x 42 x 180mm.

Typical hold-up times are 31ms, providing additional protection against extended input voltage dips.  Like all ZWS models the ZWS240RC-24 has a warranty of five years, supported by electrolytic capacitor lifetimes of 12-years, for superior operating field life.

The power supply is certified to IEC/EN62477-1 OVC III, IEC/EN/UL/CSA 60950-1 with CE marking for the Low Voltage, EMC and RoHS2 Directives.

The model is also compliant to EN 55011, EN 55032 Class B conducted and Class A radiated emissions, EN 61000-3-2 harmonics and IEC 61000-4 immunity standards.

TDK Corporation
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