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Regulator PRO Gold Series

Belkin Components (Compton, CA) recently announced the Regulator PRO Gold Series. The new line features three models rated at 350VA, 500VA and 650VA (F6C350-USB; F6C500-USB; F6C650-USB). The UPS feature shut down software communicated via USB, which frees up the serial port on the PC for other peripherals, and offers line-interactive technology featuring Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR). According to Belkin, AVR employs a sensitive microprocessor that communicates to the tapped transformer to react when voltage deviates from a certain preferred band level. It then automatically adjusts voltage up or down, or activates the back-up battery power. Internet-line and 10Base-T protection are also provided. All Regulator PRO Gold Series units carry the UPS Data Recovery Warranty. Belkin also offers its EcoBattery Service Program which provides battery replacement and full-service check on the UPS unit to ensure that it is working properly, and to ensure worn batteries are discarded in an environmentally responsible manner. The Regulator PRO Gold Series line is available for under $299 (MSRP).

Belkin Components
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