Test and Measurement

Regenerative Test System for Batteries and Battery-Connected Devices

The 17040 from Chroma Systems is a highly efficient, precision battery module and pack test system. It's regenerative, so power consumption is greatly reduced. The energy discharged from testing is recycled back to the grid reducing wasted energy and without generating harmonic pollution on other devices - even in dynamic charge and discharge conditions. It can be configured to handle 10- to 1,000V, up to 1,500A and up to 600kW of total power.

It's also dual mode. Not only is the 17040 equipped with a Charge/Discharge mode but has a Battery Simulation mode to verify if a connected device like a motor driver is functioning properly under varied conditions. Software/hardware integration and customization capabilities include BMS, data loggers, chambers, external signals, and HIL (Hardware in the Loop).

Equipped with Chroma's powerful Battery Pro software, the 17040 system has flexible test editing functions to perform independent channel tests, and conforms to the diversified requirements for testing secondary battery packs with high safety and stability. It also supports power failure recovery functions that ensure test data is not interrupted.

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