RECOM Releases Small Isolated DC-DC Converter

RECOM released its new RNM series, which it describes as the smallest isolated dc-dc converter on the market. RECOM states that it has squeezed a fully specified 2000Vdc isolated converter into a tiny package smaller than the tip of your finger.

The case size is an amazingly small 8.3 x 8.3 x 6.8mm (approx. 0.33 x 0.33 x 0.27 inch) and the pins fit into a standard 0.1" grid. 1W of output power, input and output voltages available in any combination from 3.3 to 15Vdc and 1k or 2kVdc isolation. The ambient operating temperature covers the full industrial range of -40 to +85°C without derating and operation up to 100°C ambient is possible. Conversion efficiency is up to 84% and output ripple/noise is a respectable 100mVp-p.

The small physical size of the converter allows application designers either to reduce the size of their circuit boards or add extra features in the same sized PCB. The RNM converter is not only suitable for applications where board space is at a premium. It is a fully tested and guaranteed component and has the EN-60950-1 safety certification (UL-60601-1 pending) so it can be equally well used in time-constrained projects where the power supply must work first time every time or in safety critical applications.

Typical applications are isolated power supplies for industrial controllers, medical equipment and hand-held devices. The galvanically isolated output can be used to break earth loops, eliminate conducted electrical interference and protect expensive circuits from damaging external influences. The variety of input and output voltage combinations permits step up or step down operation (e.g. generating a 12V rail from a 3.3V supply) as well as generating negative rails (e.g. -5V from a +5V supply).

Production quantities of the RNM converter are available now with a lead time of 4-6 weeks.

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