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Rechargeable Li-ion Cells for Medical Applications that Demand Autoclave Sterilization

Tadiran Batteries has introduced the TLI-1550HT rechargeable Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries that the company specifically modified for medical applications requiring autoclave sterilization cycles at temperatures up to 125°C.

Common applications for the batteries include surgical saws, drills, reamers, staplers, shavers, and wire/pin drivers.

According to Tadiran, the TLI-1550HT rechargeable Li-ion battery delivers a highly cost-effective solution that allows medical devices to be reused hundreds of times without requiring removal or replacement of the battery prior to autoclave sterilization. This capability not only saves on labor expense but also minimizes the risk of harmful bacteria and other pathogens from being introduced during excessive handling. So, TLI-1550HT provides a maintenance-free solution that complements the significant cost savings related to a reusable device.

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TLI-1550HT cylindrical cells (51mm x 14.8mm) feature high capacity (0.4Ah), high energy density (170Wh/liter), and high power density (210Wh/liter). The company says that these small but powerful cells enable handheld medical devices to be more compact and ergonomic to reduce operator fatigue.

Unlike consumer-grade rechargeable Li-ion cells that have a limited temperature range (0°C to 60°C), industrial-grade TLI-1550HT batteries deliver stable and reliable performance at elevated temperatures.

Lab tests revealed that after 100 sterilization cycles at 125°C, TLI-1550HT batteries continued delivering a highly stable OCV (4.1V) with only a modest reduction in discharge capacity (370mAh to 320mAH) and pulse voltage (3.900V to 3.640V). These industrial-grade cells also feature a glass-to-metal seal, whereas consumer grade Li-ion batteries have crimped seals that may leak.

The introduction of the TLI-1550HT cell further expands Tadiran’s family of long-life TLI Series rechargeable Li-ion batteries that can continue delivering high pulses for up to 20 years going through 5,000 recharge cycles.

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