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Raytheon Announces New RMLA00400 Amplifier

Raytheon Co. (Lexington, MA) announced the new RMLA00400 high-speed transimpedance amplifier, which utilizes a photodetector to convert optical signals into a voltage output.

The device is offered in die form and is manufactured using Raytheon's advanced 4in mHEMT process technology. Features include a high bandwidth of 40GHz, a low group delay and a low power dissipation of 450mW. The chip measures 3.71mm x 1.70mm.

The mHEMT process enables high-electron velocity normally found in InP HEMTs, without the additional expense and manufacturing issues associated with InP substrate-based devices. The process also facilitates high linearity, gain and noise performance, making the chip suitable for applications such as wide bandwidth amplifiers for fiber-optic receivers, low-noise millimeter-wave receivers and automotive radar systems operating at 77GHz and beyond.

Raytheon Co.
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