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Rayovac's Product Licensing Agreement with Newpoint

Rayovac Corp. (Madison, WI) announced a product licensing agreement with the Newpoint Co. (San Diego, CA), a division of Fiskars. The agreement is for three years with renewal options. Under the agreement, Newpoint will use the Rayovac name for a line of products to be sold in retail stores in the consumer power protection category. Newpoint will have the licensing rights to sell these products in the US, Canada and Mexico. The new Rayovac branded Newpoint products include UPS battery back-ups, surge protectors, and ac/dc adapters. "We believe the Rayovac name brings instant credibility to our retail products," said Newpoint President Bill Unrue. "Consumers associate the Rayovac name with power and performance. Combining the name and recognition of Rayovac on the outside of our package with the quality of our products on the inside will result in a positive impact at retail."

Rayovac , Newpoint Co.
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