Range of Rugged DC-Link Capacitors Extended

TDK Corporation has extended its range of EPCOS film capacitors for dc-link applications. The B3277*H series now provides types for particularly harsh environmental conditions. The robustness has been verified in a temperature, humidity, bias (THB) test at 60°C, 95 percent relative humidity, and the rated voltage for 1000 hours.

Special types are also available that are THB tested at 85°C, 85 percent relative humidity, and the rated voltage for 1000 hours.

The capacitors are designed for rated voltages of between 450Vdc and 1100Vdc and offer capacitance values of between 1.5µF and 120µF. The maximum operating temperature of the RoHS-compatible components is 105°C.

Depending on voltage and capacitance, the lead spacing is 27.5mm, 37.5mm, or 52.5mm. The types with the latter grid size are offered exclusively in a 4-pin version. At the rated voltage and an operating temperature of 85°C the service life of the self-healing capacitors is 50,000 hours.

Applications include the dc link circuits of converters for photovoltaic systems, frequency converters and power supplies for industrial applications. AEC-Q200 qualified capacitors are also available on request.

Main features and benefits

  • Suitable for use in particularly harsh environmental conditions
  • Wide range of rated voltages from 450Vdc to 1100Vdc
  • Broad capacitance range from 1.5nF to 120µF
TDK Corporation
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