radiation hardened (Rad Hard) MOSFET drivers

Intersil Corporation (Mountaintop, PA) recently announced its radiation hardened (Rad Hard) inverting and non-inverting, dual, monolithic, high-speed MOSFET drivers. The devices represent Rad Hard versions of standard 4423RH and 4424RH MOSFET drivers. The HS-4424RH/BRH and HS-4423RH/BRH represent non-inverting and inverting drivers respectively. The devices are tested and guaranteed to provide the performance of 4424RH and 4423RH MOSFET drivers to 300,000Rad radiation levels. Intersil's dielectrically isolated Rad Hard Silicon Gate (RSG) BICMOS process immunizes the device from single event latch-up. The devices operate from a single 12V to 18V power supply with low power consumption, 40mW typical. With a maximum 75ns rise and fall time with a 4300 power factor (pF) load, the HS-442XRH/RBH devices exceed the requirements for most standard Rad Hard MOSFETs deployed in the space industry and allow for quick control of high gate capacitance power MOSFETs. Peak output currents are greater than two amps typical. The high current outputs minimize power losses in MOSFETs by rapidly charging and discharging the gate capacitance. Both the HS-4423RH and HS-4424RH feature a low-voltage lockout at less than 10V, while the HS-4423BRH and HS-4424BRH feature low-voltage lockout at less than 7.5V. The low-voltage lockout circuit is incorporated in the output stage and puts outputs into a three-state mode when voltage drops below these levels. The HS-442XRH/BRH devices are currently available in a 16-lead flatpack package and are manufactured to DSCC SMD 5962F99511.

Intersil Corp.
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