radiation hardened n-channel MOSFET driver IC

Intersil Corporation (Palm Bay, FL) recently announced its radiation hardened (Rad Hard), high-frequency, 100V, half-bridge, n-channel MOSFET driver IC. The device is designed to be a functional, pin-to-pin replacement for the 2110 types. The HS-2100RH is designed to provide highly reliable performance in harsh radiation environments. The HS-2100RH is designed to deliver independently controlled low-side and high-side gate drivers. A latch controls high-side output that is capable of 100V above bias supply. Pulses from the low-side logic circuit control the latch. Level shifting input enables control of the device with 5V logic level inputs while operating negative supply voltage (Vdd) at 12-20V levels. The device has been designed with on-chip error detection and correction (EDC) circuitry for the high-side latch. Should the latch see a single event upset, the EDC corrects it within 250ns. This HS-2100RH feature prevents single event upset (SEU) failures when failure is not an option. Both VB and Vdd have under-voltage lock out (UVLO) features that force high-side output (HO) low if VB drops below 11.5V and forces both low-side output (LO) and HO low if Vdd drops below 11.5V. The device returns the LO and HO to the state of the logic when the supply returns to 11.5V or greater. According to Intersil, the device will drive all Intersil radiation hardened FS Series MOSFETs. The HS-2100RH is currently available in a 16-lead flatpack package and is manufactured to DSCC SMD 59962F99511.

Intersil Corp.
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