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Quarter Bricks Target Systems with 380Vdc Power Bus

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the TDK-Lambda PH-A280 series of dc-dc power modules with high-voltage dc input. These quarter-brick modules operate from a wide range input of 200- to 425-Vdc, which is widely used in HVDC (High Voltage DC Current) and solar-cell related applications. The PH-A280 power modules are available in four output power levels of 50W, 75W, 100W and 150W. Nominal output voltages consist of 5-, 12-, 24- or 48-Vdc; adjustable by -20% to +10% (+/-20% for 5V output models). Efficiencies of up to 90% are achieved, an improvement of 5% over the prior series.

“We are following developments in dc power distribution, particularly developments in 380-Vdc at the EMerge Alliance,” commented David Norton, VP marketing with TDK-Lambda. “Several of our customers are already using 380-Vdc power distribution.”

The modules can operate at full load over a wide baseplate temperature range of -40 to +100°C making them suitable for liquid, air cooled or conduction cooled systems. The dimensions follow the industry standard quarter brick format (37.2 x 12.7 x 58.3mm). As standard, the PH-A280 units are equipped with remote sense, remote on/off, overvoltage and overcurrent protection circuitry and include TDK-Lambda's 5-year warranty. All models have an input-to-output isolation of 3kVAC, are safety-approved to UL/CSA/EN60950-1 and carry the CE mark in accordance with the LV Directive.

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