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Quarter-Brick DC-DCs with 4:1 Input Deliver 200W and 250W

Gaia Converter introduced a family of quarter-brick dc-dc converters. Referenced as MGDI-204 and MGDI-254, the family offers an input voltage range of 9Vdc to 36Vdc, making them suitable for 12V, 24V, or 28V applications in ground-borne industrial or on-board mobile applications.

Gaia designed the modules for use in distributed power architecture where variable input voltage and transient are prevalent making them particularly suitable for transportation, railways or high-end industrial applications

The family consists of single output models that provide 12V output voltage and can delivering up to 16.6A and 20.8A output current with 92% efficiencies. The dc-dcs come in the industry standard quarter brick footprint of 57.9mm x 36.8mm x 12.7mm.

They have an operating temperature range from -40°C up to +100°C case temperature. The units incorporate a complete suite of protection functions such as under-voltage lockout, over-voltage protection, current limitation & over- temperature protection. All units are also permanently short circuit proof.

They can operate at zero load, and soft start eliminates inrush current during startup.

A high frequency fixed switching topology at 330kHz provides excellent reliability and offers low noise characteristics as well as high power density.

All the modules in the family are designed with LC network filters to minimize reflected input current ripple and output voltage ripple.

The modules are potted with a bi-component thermal conductive compound and they use an insulated metallic substrate to ensure optimum power dissipation under harsh environmental conditions.

  • Standard quarter-brick package
  • Single output
  • Input Voltage 9V to 36V
  • Soft start
  • No load to full-load operation
  • Nominal power up to 200W (MGDI-204) or 250W (MGDI-254)
  • Galvanic isolation 1500Vdc
  • Switching frequency 330kHz
  • Protections: input under-voltage lockout, output current limitation, output over-voltage, over-temperature
  • Trim adjustment: 90% to 110%
  • External synchronization range: no synchro
  • Additional functions: on/off, sense
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