Power Quality Protection

Pure Sine Wave Output for Clean, Utility Grade Power

Schaefer Inc. has unveiled turnkey inverter systems using Series IT of single or three-phase switch mode inverter systems with a power range from 6kVA to 90kVA. These highly-reliable, fully-customizable “built-to-project” dc/ac pure sine wave inverters offer the industry’s most complete range of input and output voltages, with a selection of package styles and mounting configurations. Some of our highly advanced designs feature an integrated UPS, static switch, battery charging and/or parallel capabilities.

The Series IT is fully isolated using a switch mode inverter with a rectifier at input and a transformer at the output. Features include continuous short-circuit protection, automatic restart after over-voltage shutdown and surge capability. Optional features include remote on/off via various inhibit configurations, input inrush and surge protection, mains synchronization, input reverse polarity protection, output voltage adjustment potentiometer, output voltage and frequency monitoring, increased mechanical strength, tropical (conformal coating) protection, parallel and redundant operation.

Available as a complete system including cabinet, front panel meters, breakers, switches, and ventilation with or without temperature controlled fans, etc. or as a standalone inverter. They are suited for 600-750Vdc nominal bus and are available for 40Vdc+ as well as single- or 3-phase ac inputs as well. These inverters are expected to find application in power sub-stations, emergency lighting and other backup systems.

Schaefer, Inc.
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