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Pulse Offers New PG0138 Series SMT Power Inductors

Pulse Engineering Inc. (San Diego, CA) announced the introduction of the PG0138 Series of low-profile (5.0mm maximum height), high-power, surface-mount (SMT) power inductors. The inductors aid in lowering the component cost of ac/dc switched-mode power supplies and dc/dc converters in distributed power architectures, point-of-load systems and voltage regulator modules. Applications include high-speed servers and workstations, telecom switching networks, routers, and base station equipment.

The PG0138 Series provides low direct current resistance, a wide inductance range from 0.33µH to 5.50µH, a current rating up to 25A direct current and a saturation current up to 33A. The extended operating temperature, up to 130°C, coupled with a low profile and small footprint, make the PG0138 Series suitable for compact, high-density board configurations where elevated temperatures are common.

The PG0138 Series inductors are available in tape-and-reel packaging with prices starting at $0.40 per unit in quantities of 50,000. Volume discounts are available. Lead-time is four to six weeks.

Pulse Engineering Inc.
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