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Pulsar Ellipse UPS and Power Cluster

MGE UPS Systems (Costa Mesa, CA) recently introduced a new range of products at COMDEX '99 for release in the coming months. According to MGE, the Pulsar Ellipse UPS will offer affordable backup power for PCs and workstations. The modular Pulsar Esprit Power Cluster is designed to assure high availability for Internet servers and service providers. According to MGE, the Pulsar Ellipse UPSs are designed to use high-frequency switching technology that reduces size and weight up to 50 percent compared to competing products with power ratings up to 1200VA. Features of the UPS include switchable receptacles, USB communications available up to 800VA, full Windows 2000 support, user replaceable batteries, built-in surge suppression and data-line protection. The Pulsar Esprit Series models are designed with full redundancy and further enhance total power availability with infinitely expandable battery options and a suite of Internet-grade monitoring and communications features including Windows 2000 integration and XML Web-based management. The device is available in Slim Line 4U (7-inch high) rack-mount configurations at 3kVA and 4kVA or freestanding configurations from 3.1kVA to 13.5kVA. According to MGE, all of the Pulsar models come standard with USB interface or a standard RS232 port. Pricing for the devices ranges from $119 to $399.

MGE UPS Systems
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