2017 Holiday Gift Ideas

Programmable & Customizable Full-Color 16 LED Flashlight Kit

The Zifnu PIXEL is the world’s first, and most advanced, programmable & customizable full-color 16 LED flashlight kit. As the name implies, you can individually control each of the PIXEL’s sixteen full-color LEDs (aka “pixels”) by modifying the provided example Arduino sketch and uploading your changes to the PIXEL via USB.

The Zifnu PIXEL is completely open-source, this includes the circuit & PCB design, the software (Arduino Sketch), and the laser-cut case design. All of the files will be available for download once they are finalized after the successful completion of this campaign.

The laser-cut case materials for the campaign rewards are clear Acrylic for the front and rear panels, and Bamboo for the center sections. This combination of the Acrylic and Bamboo give the PIXEL a modern, yet warm feel.

PIXEL Flashlight kit components


With the downloadable case design files, you can cut your own parts to personalize your PIXEL. In the example images below, you will find a completely clear Acrylic case and one with translucent Blue center sections. Both awesome in their own right. What will you choose?

PIXEL Flashlight Kit Feature Highlights:

  • Arduino IDE compatible (sketch upload via USB port, no programmer required)
  • Pre-programmed with the Micronucleus bootloader
  • Loaded with an example sketch that includes 13 display modes
  • ATTINY85-20SU 8-bit microcontroller running at 16MHZ
  • Sixteen individually-addressable full-color LEDs (WS2812b)
  • Sixteen high-quality PMMA LED lenses to focus the light
  • 5VDC boost regulator to ensure consistent LED brightness
  • 1500mAh Li-Po battery for long run times
  • Li-Po Battery management IC with Blue status LED
  • Micro USB port for charging and programming
  • Combined Power/Mode switch with Blue indicator LED
  • Externally-accessible Reset button (used for programming)
  • Customizable laser-cut case design
  • Laser-Cut Case Dimensions:
    • Height: 145mm (5.71″)
    • Width: 35mm (1.38″)
    • Depth: 17mm (0.67″)
  • PCB Dimensions:
    • Height: 130mm (5.12″)
    • Width: 26mm (1.02″)
    • Depth: 13mm (0.51″)
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