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PowerSmart Unveils P3 Family of Smart Battery ICs

PowerSmart Inc. (Shelton, CT) introduced the new P3 family of smart battery ICs, which is claimed to bring a new level of customization not previously available with other smart battery ICs. PowerSmart provides software designed to enable easy customization of battery control algorithm parameters and cell performance models to meet applications requirements and achieve high fuel gauging accuracy.The P3 smart battery ICs are SBS/SMBus compliant for use with all battery chemistries. The devices' customizable 3-D cell data tables are offered preprogrammed for either graphitic or coke/hard carbon based li-ion, NiMH and other chemistries. Using PowerSmart's software, cell models can be fine-tuned by manufacturers to accurately reflect their own specific cell performance characteristics. Use of an external EEPROM allows for non-volatile storage of over 250 programmable values. The P3 includes an integrating, self-calibrating 14-bit A/D that is designed to insure precise measurements of current, voltage and temperature to enable remaining capacity predictions to within +/-1 percent. Patented, self-learning algorithms and cell models compensate for self-discharge, temperature, charge/discharge efficiencies and other factors. An auto-zero offset correction feature automatically compensates for accuracy drift due to temperature. According to PowerSmart, the P3 requires fewer module circuit components than competitive smart battery ICs, with no additional components required for li-ion circuit operation. The P3 is able to measure individual li-ion cell voltages with <50mV resolution without the need for external switches and resistors. A charge FET control output activates based on cell voltage and/or pack temperature thresholds to enhance pack safety. Packaged in a standard 28-pin 209-mil SSOP, the P3 is priced at under $4 in large OEM quantities.

PowerSmart Inc.
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