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Powerex Introduces New M57182N-315 DC/DC Converters

Powerex Inc. (Youngwood, PA) introduced a new dc/dc converter capable of accepting inputs between 140V and 380Vdc, and providing 200mA regulated 15Vdc output. The M57182N-315 is nonisolated, has an operating temperature of -10 degrees to 70 degrees C, and is available in a compact, single in-line package.

Powerex's new converter is designed to use bootstrap techniques to develop the required floating supplies for the high-side gate drive from a single 15Vdc supply. This converter can also be used to derive power for the IGBT gate drives directly from the dc link.

The M57182N-315 is now available within eight to 12 weeks for $4.00 for 100 pieces.

Powerex Inc.
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