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Power Supply-in-Inductor Technology Reduces D2D Cost

Sumida Group has reinvented the dc-dc power module by literally turning it inside out. The new power modules have achieved performance improvements through a new patent-pending design concept, where the magnetic material forms the entire package and all components are mounted within the inductor. The maximum volume can therefore be available for the inductor, allowing very low dc resistance and high conversion efficiency. (In a conventional design, the circuitry and main inductor are side-by-side.) This power supply-in-inductor (PSI2) technology provides an industry-leading power density of up to 1300W/cu in.

The SPM1004 and SPM1005 power modules are the first products to be based on the new technology and offer pricing that is up to 50% less than most high density dc-dc modules with similar output ratings. Sumida's new PSI2 technology allows up to 96% efficiency by optimizing the performance of the power inductor, a limiting factor in most competing point-of-load products. Power loss is reduced by up to 30%, which provides a 10 degree lower surface temperature under typical conditions. Magnetic material is also a much better thermal conductor than the plastic compounds typically used for potting in competitive modules. The surface temperature therefore remains very uniform, with no hot spots.

The SPM1004 Series has a 12Vdc nominal input with the SPM1005 Series for 5V/3.3V nominal input. Available dc outputs include 5V, 3.3V, 2.5V, 1.8V, 1.5V, 1.2V, 1.0V, 0.8V and 0.6V at up to 6A load current. Operating temperature range is -40 to +85 degrees C, without forced air or derating. The LGA package measures 9x11x2.8mm for the 5V input and 9x15x2.8mm for the 12V input.

The new dc-dc power modules are designed for use in distributed power systems in equipment where high efficiency and high power density are required. SPM1004 and SPM1005 customer evaluation boards and modules are available with 30-60 day delivery.

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