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TDK Corporation will present a comprehensive single source of passive components, sensors, power supplies and batteries at CES 2020 in booth #11448, Central Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada. The booth’s dynamic demonstrations will cover a record breadth of products and applications for TDK.

CES attendees can interact with the latest passive components, such as ceramic, aluminum electrolytic and film capacitors, ferrites and inductors; high-frequency products; piezo and protection components; sensors and sensor systems; and power supplies found at the core of tomorrow’s automobiles, smart devices, smart homes, wearable technology, robotics, AR/VR headsets, industrial energy solutions and more.

OEMs are invited to learn about the newest market advancements, developments and solutions to their design concerns in meetings with TDK engineering experts.

Booth highlights and demonstrations will include:

Solutions for IoT:

IoT will connect numerous devices and move us towards a more autonomous future. Drones for example, have potential to improve agriculture, or delivery of personal parcels. TDK will showcase its IoT-related ultrasonic sensing, motion sensing and battery technology solutions at CES.

Solutions for Mobility:

Next generation automobiles will be self-driving, rely on sustainable electricity and offer a high degree of safety and comfort. TDK’s CES demos will include the following mobility-related products and industrial sensors to help realize this industry vision. This includes piezo haptic and speaker technologies; MEMS motion and microphone solutions; MLCCs; inductors and EMC filters.

Solutions for Wellness:

The best possible medical treatments should be available to everyone. TDK products contribute to the development of lower-cost and non-invasive diagnostic methods. This includes a biomagnetic sensor and the wearable biosensor/activity tracker Silmee™, both of which will be at TDK’s CES booth.

Solutions for Connections in Communication:

5G technology will enable the quick sharing and transmission of large volumes of data. One of the most exciting applications of this evolution includes the ability to broadcast sports events in real-time to millions of mobile devices around the globe, with superior quality. TDK’s CES demos for applications in this market will include a 5G array antenna, RF inductors, chip varistor for audio, asset management system and Flexield noise suppression sheets. The TDK booth will also showcase the µPOL™ power solutions, offering a wide range of flexibility for applications such as big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, 5G cells, IoT and computing enterprise.

Solutions for Energy:

TDK envisions a future that is powered completely by clean energy. Its film capacitor, and isolated bi-directional dc-dc converters EZA series contribute to the generation and transmission of renewable energy.

Solutions for Robotics:

Personal robots can support the daily lives of people from all around the world. TDK technology and solutions can give robots the necessary means to understand their environment and facilitate human-robot interactions. TDK’s CES booth will showcase robotics solutions including innovation in motion, microphone, and TMR angle sensing technologies. Starship Technologies and a new robotics platform will also be on exhibit.

Solutions for AR/VR Experiences:

Consumers now demand an elite experience from augmented and virtual reality devices. TDK is helping realize smaller, more independent devices that create a truly immersive AR/VR experience. TDK products in this space at the CES expo will include MEMS microphones, an ultrasonic Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor and piezo haptics solutions.

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