Free Download: Integrating a Radar Sensor in Open-source for Multicopter Flight Controllers

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Multicopters are part of an emerging market that is growing incredibly fast. In its infancy, the market for multicopters and drones started out as a bit of a novelty, as small hand-held toys that possessed limited functionality and abilities. A few years later and we are seeing them in almost all facets of our lives, used in a wide variety of applications ranging from flying camera platforms to tools used for inspecting hazardous environments. Some companies are exploring and implementing multicopter solutions such as flying delivery services, live streaming events and even agricultural applications. The list of possibilities for multicopters grows longer each day.

Multicopters are offering us the unprecedented ability to go to places we could never go before and do things that were impossible just a few years ago. With the rapid rise in commercial and private applications, there is a need for more and more sophisticated control systems to meet the demands of the new ways multicopters are being used. Radar is one area that is extensively used by multicopters. Infineon’s Distance2Go in combination with the open source software Cleanflight provides an excellent way to easily and quickly implement a simple but highly effective 24 GHz radar solution for multicopters that accurately measures speed, distance, and direction of movement.

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