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With the increasing spread of wireless power transfer in consumer electronics, e.g. in smartphones and charging stations, manufacturers of industrial and medical technology are focusing more and more on this technology and its benefits. This technology offers interesting approaches, especially for industries and areas where harsh working conditions are common, such as construction machinery, explosive atmospheres (ATEX), agriculture, etc. For example, expensive and vulnerable slip rings can be superseded, reducing maintenance and extending the life-cycle of the product.

In medical technology, too, contactless energy transfer offers numerous benefits. Special requirements for hygiene and sterility of medical devices apply here, while the devices and systems must also be resistant to harsh cleaning agents and chemicals. Contactless energy transfer eliminates the need for special connectors with (for example) particularly good seals. Since increasing amounts of data are transmitted wirelessly - e.g. via WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. - transferring the required energy wirelessly as well is a sensible development. The aim of this application note is to show the developer how a proprietary contactless power transmission system rated at several hundred Watts, including data transmission, can be created simply and efficiently.

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