Free Download: Bluetooth Low Energy: Throughput, energy consumption and maximum range

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This white paper focuses on an experimental performance evaluation of the Bluetooth Low Energy Technology Version 5. The main objective of this work was to experimentally determine the communication range, the data throughput and the energy consumption of Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth 4. Different data packet sizes, different transmission powers, coded and uncoded physical layers (in the following: PHY) as well as different connection parameters were configured. The measurement results obtained using the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 chip are representative of indoor and outdoor cases. The results show the practical communication range, the data throughput and the energy consumption of the Bluetooth 5 connection and give an insight into the possible new areas of application. In addition, the measurement results show that different connection parameters have a major impact on data throughput and thus an impact on energy consumption. The experiment will draw conclusions about the possible new application areas of Bluetooth Low Energy and record the measurement results for customer service.

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