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Designing a high-voltage supply can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve only dealt with more common low-voltage supplies, such as those used in consumer devices. Trends in miniaturization, power component functionality and integration have delivered small, low-voltage and low-cost packages. The criteria used for low-power supply selection does not scale well in the high-voltage realm.

While low-voltage supplies often focus on size and cost, high-voltage supplies typically deal with high precision, high stability requirements that are inherent to the end applications they service. The consequences of these differences can often result in a time-wasting and expensive process of trial and error to select the correct high-voltage power supply for the application at hand. Removing unnecessary complexity involved in the selection of high-voltage power supplies is a key part in accelerating product development processes – avoiding the risks of choosing a supply that is over-specified, under-specified, over-priced or one that is just incompatible with the end application.

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