Power Shunt Resistors for Precise Sensing of High Currents

KOA Speer Electronics has expanded their line of power shunt resistors to include the PSI and PSE series, which address higher current applications. The power ratings of the PSE (5 Watts) and PSI (3 Watts) allow these resistors to offer a smooth current flow making them ideal for large current detecting. KOA’s power shunt resistors feature a flat rectangular structure for strong mounting and T.C.R. values of ±50 and ±150 ppm/degree C for effective operation over a wider temperature span and greater stability under load.

KOA Speer’s PSI and PSE power shunt resistors deliver dependable performance with a resistance range from 0.5mΩ to 4mΩ and tolerances of ±1 and ±5%. The resistors have an operating temperature range of -65 to +155 degrees C and are AEC-Q200 Qualified.

Applications for PSI and PSE power shunt resistors include electronic controls, EV/HEV battery management, dc-dc converters, oil and gas down hole, inverter controls, and automotive uses in electronic power steering, electric brakes and water/oil pumps. Lead times are 12-14 weeks.

KOA Speer Electronics
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