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Power-One Intros SQT48T20120 Eighth-Brick Converter

Power-One Inc. (Camarillo, CA) announced its new 20 A SQT48T20120 eighth-brick converter, which is part of the new 20 A SemiQ™ family of intermediate bus converters (IBCs) that provides an ultra-high efficiency, single output that is 62% the size of the industry-standard quarter-brick IBC, while still preserving the same pin-out and functionality. Applications include telecommunications, data communications, distributed power architectures, and servers and workstations.

The SQT48 IBC provides thermal performance in high temperature environments through the use of patent-pending power electronics circuits, packaging and processing techniques to achieve ultra-high efficiency, thermal management and a low body profile. Operating from a 42 V to 53 V input, the 20 A SQT48 IBC provides a loosely regulated 12 V output that tracks the input-voltage regulation. The converter has paralleling capability with accurate current sharing.

The SQT48T20120 delivers up to 240 W at Vin = 48 V, and features ultra-high efficiency of 96.1% at Vin = 48 V, a small footprint of 0.896 in x 2.30 in, a weight of 0.88 oz (25.2 g), and an operating ambient temperature of -40 °C to +85 °C.

Power-One Inc.
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