Power Integrations Intros TNY256 TinySwitch Integrated Switchers

Power Integrations, Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA) announced TNY256, the newest member of the TinySwitch family of integrated switchers. The TNY256 adds new features and expands the power of TinySwitch by 45 percent, targeting the needs of cell phones, handheld organizers and other network-connected information appliances. The TNY256 delivers up to 11W from a universal input and up to 19W from a 230 Vac input. There are three new features integrated into the TNY256 which are claimed to reduce system cost and component count: auto-restart, line under-voltage sense and frequency jitter. The TNY256 also incorporates EcoSmart technology which lowers power consumption in light or no load conditions to less than 100mW. The TNY256 is currently available in 10,000 piece quantities. Unit prices are $0.80 for the TNY256P, an 8-pin DIP package, and the TNY256G, an 8-pin SMD package. The TNY256G is available in tape-and-reel or rails. Also offered in a TO-220 package, TNY256Y is unit priced at $0.99 in 10,000 piece quantities.

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