Power Bank Controller with USB Type-C & Quick Charge 3.0

The LC709511F from ON Semiconductor is a lithium-ion switching charger controller for power banks. This device has all functions to control Power Bank application. It includes Type-C port control and Quick Charge 3.0 HVDCP.

In addition this device applies 2.0V or 2.7V on USB data lines automatically for devices require the voltage. The built-in switching controller can output from 5 V up to 12 V for Quick Charge. The high power output for USB Type-C and Quick Charge is possible with appropriate external MOSFETs.

Features and benefits of the LC709511F include: Easy power scaling with external MOSFETs supports up to 30W applications; includes both buck and boost charge capabilities; Supports Quick Charge 3.0 HVDCP Class A 5V up to 12V enabling the elimination of the HV Boost IC and QC communication IC and reducing costs; Supports USB type-C DRP without external IC with a built-in port-control IC;

Recognizes various types of portable devices and supplies 2.7V or 2.0V automatically as needed;  Firmware included that supports various combinations of USB ports increasing the flexibility of designs; Supports general adapters using USB BC1.2; Battery level gauging is implemented with simple settings for various types of batteries;

Status and Battery level display is supported with 4 built-in LED drivers eliminating the need for an added MCU; Boost auto start-up capability simplifies designs; Various safety functions are built-in including a thermistor sensing function, over voltage and over current detection, JEITA compliance Battery management, and a safety timer; and a Quiescent current of 15µA in low power mode.

Anticipated applications include lithium-ion switching charger controllers, USB-related chargers, and power banks.

ON Semiconductor
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