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PoE+ LAN Transformer in 24-pin 6.90mm-high SMD Package

Abracon Corporation extends its product portfolio with the newly introduced ALAN-511 LAN transformer for long haul gigabit Ethernet, full-duplex applications. These devices are currently available in a standard 18.03×15.70×6.90mm, low cost, RoHS compliant, 24-pin SMD package, enabling the placement of several transformers on space constrained circuit boards. The ALAN-511 is IEEE 802.3 compliant with a minimum inductance of 350µH. Offering industry-leading insertion loss of 1.0dB maximum over 100kHz to 100MHz, these devices limit the winding capacitance to merely 30pF at 100kHz.

"The ALAN-511 is designed to work with gigabit PHY ICs. With the Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) capability, it enables power transmission over Ethernet cabling, eliminating the need for separate data and power wires to each network device," explains Syed Raza, Director of Engineering at Abracon Corporation.

With the PoE+ capability, the ALAN-511 eliminates the constraint of having an AC power outlet. This feature provides the flexibility of placing PoE-enabled network equipment, such as VoIP phones, wireless access points and IP cameras in optimal locations, rather than relying on locations where power outlets are readily available.

Standard applications for the ALAN-511 include: IP telephony, network infrastructure, building controls, computers, mobile devices, RFID tag readers, game consoles and other PoE-enabled devices. Key features of the ALAN-511 include: Optimized for gigabit Ethernet with 750mA current capacity. Supports 4 pairs of Category 5 UTP cables. Maximizes EMI suppression. Provides 1500Vrms isolation per IEEE 802.3 requirements. A 0 to +70 degrees C operating temperature range. And a RoHS compliant package.

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