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Photorelays with 3.75kV Isolation in 4-pin SO6 Package

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC) has expanded its extensive portfolio of photorelays with the addition of two 4-pin SO6 package products. The new TLP172AM and TLP172GM operate at temperatures up to 110 degrees C, feature an isolation voltage of up to 3750Vrms and have a 3mA (max) trigger current. This makes them suitable for use as function switches in measuring equipment, sensor switches in security systems, power monitoring function in battery management systems, IoT equipment and more.

The new photorelays are halogen-free and are made with a double mold structure. The TLP172AM and TLP172GM utilize multi-chip technology and were developed as higher specification, pin-compatible versions of Toshiba’s existing 2.54SOP package products (TLP172A, TLP172G).

The new devices have an operating temperature range up to 110 degrees C compared with a maximum of only 85 degrees C for the earlier devices. Both the new and old devices are available with ratings of 60V / 2Ω and 350V / 50Ω. And the 3750Vrms isolation of the new parts is significantly higher than the 1500Vrms rating of the previous generation devices.

The new devices satisfy designers’ requirements for thin packages that comply with high levels of safety standards. Offering on/off control for high-current applications, the TLP172AM features a higher current output rating than phototransistor photocouplers. The TLP172GM can be used in space-constrained battery management systems. The new photorelays are available now.

Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc.
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