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Photocoupler with UVLO for Digital Power Supplies and IPM Motor Drives

Toshiba Electronics Europe today announced the launch of a new high-speed IC-Photocoupler for MOSFET gate signal insulation. The TLP2735 is Toshiba’s first photocoupler to incorporate an under voltage lockout (UVLO) function with hysteresis.

UVLO reduces the photocouplers susceptibility to noise that is often generated in power supply cables, and can prevent malfunctions at switch on. With an isolation voltage of min. 5kVrms between the input and output, as well as compliance with the IEC60747-5-5 photocoupler safety standard, the new TLP2735 is suitable for all applications that require high levels of insulation performance.

The operating power supply voltage in the output side covers the 9- to 20-V range, well-suited to MOSFET gate voltages. The high power supply voltage means that the device can also be used for IPM input insulation.

The TLP2735 offers a short propagation delay of 100ns (maximum) and a data transfer rate of 10Mbps.

The device is housed in a low profile SO6L surface mount package with a maximum height of 2.3mm, that provides creepage and clearance distances of min. 8mm, supporting reinforced insulation requirements.

In addition, with an operating temperature range of -40 to 125°C, the device is highly-suited to rugged industrial applications.

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation , Toshiba Corporation , Toshiba Electronics Europe
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