Phihong Develops Splitter that Delivers 10W PoE Out and 12V Over a DC Cable

Phihong has developed a new 21W splitter that has outputs of 10W over PoE to a powered device such as an IP Camera, and 12W dc to an accessory device including heaters and illuminators. Designated the POE21-120H, this device takes power from a Phihong IEEE802.3at-compliant midspan for use with low-power IP cameras and adjacent devices for use in security systems and access controls.

"So far PoE has been very successful in deploying security equipment to locations without the need for additional power supplies, but hasn’t addressed the question of powering multiple devices in a single location," said Keith Hopwood, Vice President of Marketing for Phihong USA. "The POE21-120H splitter will now provide 10W to power a PoE camera as well as a 12W heater from a single Ethernet cable."

The POE21-120H takes its power from a Phihong IEEE802.3at midspan such as the POE36U-1AT and the POE576U-AT series midspans. The splitter splits off power for the heater and passes the remaining power and data through to the camera; thus this splitter may only power IEEE802.3af devices requiring up to 10W of power.

This gigabit-compatible splitter features a non-vented case with a diagnostic LED to indicate connection and power. The unit also complies with SELV, LPS and has over-voltage, over-current, and short circuit protection.

Pricing for the POE21-120H starts at $57.18 in single unit quantities.

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