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Oy Releases Coolics to Enable LED Cooling Without Use of Aluminum

Kruunutekniikka Oy, a supplier of technical plastic products, has introduced Coolics™ a new patent pending innovation using a proprietary technology that allows the circuit board to be inserted inside the injection moulded LED casing. The thermally conductive plastics used at Coolics transfers heat directly through LED casing, making it easier to control the direction of heat transfer.

The golden standard at LED cooling has so far been aluminum made heat sinks. Without cooling the LED will suffer from thermal stress – cooling will dramatically expand the duration of LED’s life-span. Coolics compounds transfers the heat and cools the LED temperature so much that no additional heat sinks are needed.

"We are convinced that the thermally conductive plastics will be the future of LED cooling technology" says Mr. Jari Kanervisto, VP of Sales and Marketing at Kruunutekniikka. "The LED lightning market has a huge global growth potential and more effective innovations are emerging continuously. Our Coolics technology is based on two innovations: Coolics Optima is a proprietary family of polymers which includes several different polymer recipes combined with the innovative use of ceramic components and Coolics injection moulding technology where heat generating electronic component is inserted to thermally conducting raw material. In addition to the excellent heat transfer properties the Coolics products are much lighter, can be easily mounted to variety of surfaces and can be customized to desired shapes."

More news and information regarding the latest developments in Smart Grid electronics can be found at Darnell’s SmartGridElectronics.Net.

Kruunutekniikka Oy
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