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OptiXtal Unveils SuperXcaps for Energy Harvesting

Energy harvesting calls for collecting light energy from solar or photovoltaic cells, piezoelectric from pressure, kinetic energy from movement, or inductive energy from rotation or motion. This is what generates the low levels of current that make wireless sensors operational. According to OptiXtal Inc., until recently, capturing and storing sufficient power for these applications was a challenge.

OptiXtal claims that its new SuperXcaps can solve the problem. By expending all acquired energy in a single power burst to facilitate information transmission or programmed process controls, OptiXtal states that its SuperXcaps will make remote sensors a lot more functional. SuperXcaps are said to be far more efficient at converting energy gained from the environment than systems based on batteries which recharge slowly and lose their charging capabilities after a few hundred cycles. OptiXtal SuperXcaps recharge in seconds and offer 500,000 charge/discharge cycles before change out is recommended. That means years of reliable functioning at thousands of sites – often without upkeep or maintenance of any kind.

OptiXtal SuperXcaps are wafer-thin and ultra-light. The outer shell is made of a metallic membrane and the flexible bendable packets can be configured in a variety of shapes and sizes. Farad capacitances can also be matched to the power requirements of the application. This enables designers to fit them in small, tight spaces which means changing the architecture in a sensor may be unnecessary.

OptiXtal Inc.
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