ON Semiconductor Announces New NCT47 Temperature Sensor

ON Semiconductor LLC (Phoenix, AZ) announced the availability of a linear output temperature sensor with an output voltage directly proportional to measured temperature in degrees Celsius. The NCT47 is a high-precision, temperature-to-voltage converter that was designed to combine compact size, low cost and low-power operation.

ON Semiconductor claims that the NCT47 can accurately measure the temperature from -40 degrees to 125 degrees C with a temperature converter linearity accuracy at 25 degrees C of ±2 degrees C. With a positive temperature slope of 10mV per degree C, the NCT47 operates from a single supply. The output-voltage range is typically 100mV at -40 degrees C, 500mV at 0 degrees C, 750mV at 25 degrees C and 1.75V at 125 degrees C.

"The introduction of the NCT47 enhances ON Semiconductor's rapidly growing thermal-management portfolio," comments Analog Products General Manager Ralph Quinsey. "We intend to build on our leadership position by generating products specific to the wireless market and offer our customers a broad range of analog ICs to choose from. The NCT47 is well-suited for applications such as power-supply thermal shutdown, temperature measurement and instrumentation."

ON Semiconductor LLC
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