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ON Semiconductor Announces NCS2001 Addition to Sub-1V IC Family

ON Semiconductor (Phoenix, AZ) announced an addition to their sub-1V IC family. The new NCS2001 is a low-power, rail-to-rail input and output CMOS operational amplifier that provides sub-1V interfaces, active filters, PCMCIA cards, ASIC input drivers and DSP interfaces.

The NCS2001 is housed in a SOT-23-5 package with two industry-standard pinouts. Additional features of the device include no output phase reversal with over-driven inputs, trimmed input offset voltage of 0.5mV, input bias current of 40 pico Amperes and a unity gain bandwith of 1.4MHz at 5V.

"As board space becomes more of a design constraint, devices like the NCS2001 will become invaluable in systems that require low voltage operation. ON Semiconductor is the only supplier that guarantees op amp performance at operating voltage below 1V," stated Kent Yancik, analog marketing manager at ON Semi.

Resale pricing for the NCS2001 is about $0.46 per 12,000-unit quantities.

ON Semiconductor Corp.
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