No. 11 Radio Intros MZ Series Thermistors

Nanjing No. 11 Radio Fty. (China) announced the MZ Series of PTC thermistors, which withstand up to 900V and are suitable for heaters, temperature control, current limitation, temperature compensation, overload current protection, energy-saving lamps and circuit protectors in various power supplies.

The series includes resistance ranges of 51 ohms to 56 kiloohms (MZ-11), 150 ohms to 560 ohms (MZ21-1), 15 ohms to 50 ohms (MZ21-2), 150 ohms to 2 kiloohms (MZ31-1 and MZ31-2) and 100 ohms to 800 ohms (MZ31-3 and MZ31-4).

The devices have a power dissipation of 0.2W and operate over the temperature range of -40 to +85 degrees C for the MZ-11, and -40 to +125 degrees C for the other models. Sizes range from 4mm x 3mm to 14mm x 6mm.

Nanjing No. 11 Radio Factory
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