NI Delivers New Pentium 4/Celeron PXI Controllers

National Instruments Corp. (NI, Austin, TX) announced a new series of Pentium 4 and Celeron-based embedded PXI/CompactPCI controllers. The series includes the NI PXI-8186 controller that features a 2.2GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor. The NI PXI-8180 Series controllers ease system integration while meeting the demanding reliability requirements of real-time and automated test applications.

In addition to the NI PXI-8186 controller, the series includes the 1.2GHz NI PXI-8185 Celeron-based controller, and the 850MHz NI PXI-8184 embedded controller, which provide a compact, high-performance PC platform for modular instrumentation, and are suitable for cost-sensitive applications.

The NI PXI-8186 controller is priced from $3,995, the NI PXI-8185 controller is priced from $2,995, and the NI PXI-8184 controller is priced from $1,995.

National Instruments Corp.
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