new US8 package

Fairchild Semiconductor's Logic Group (South Portland, ME) recently announced the new US8 package. The package measures 2.1mm x 3.1mm, including the leads, with a maximum height of 0.9mm. The package is designed with a lead pitch of 0.5mm to facilitate high manufacturing yields at mounting. According to Fairchild, six new TinyLogic dual functions make up the new eight lead series. Devices in the series include the NC7WZ02K8 Dual NOR Gate, the NC7WZ08K8 Dual AND Gate and the NC7WZ32K8 Dual OR Gate. Other devices are the NC7WZ38K8 Dual NAND Gate, the NC7WZ86K8 Dual Exclusive OR Gate and the NC7WZ132K8 Dual NAND Gate. Fairchild claims the TinyLogic is primarily intended for use in space-constrained systems such as portable CD players, disk drives, cellular phones, pagers, radios, digital cameras, PCMCIA cards, portable computers and docking stations. Single-gate logic devices provide logic function add-ons where needed, eliminating long and undesirable signal routings. The TinyLogic devices feature the space savings of the US8 package as well as UHS (Ultra High Speed) level performance. This is designed to allow operation over 1.8V to 5.5V and typical 2.1nS and 4.4nS propagation delay at 3.3V and 1.8V, respectively. The series is also designed to augment larger packaged LCX or AHC gates to add system functions while minimizing the need for additional board space. The new series is designed to provide an intermediate choice between the single packaged gate and the larger packaged quad for fundamental signal control and routing tasks. The US8 package requires only 6.2mm. sq. mounting area. In quantities of 3,000, pricing for the devices is $0.40 each and under $0.25 each for quantities above 50,000. Samples are currently available.

Fairchild Semiconductor International
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